Layla Dagher is born in Beirut, Lebanon. Studied at ALBA (Lebanese academy of fine arts) and earned her diploma in Visual Arts with an honors degree. She teaches Fine Arts in several universities.

  • She participated in many international and local exhibitions, individuals and collectives, biennale and Salons, including Salon d’Automne musée Sursock 1994, and Salon d’Automne Paris 2020.
  • Her paintings are part of the collections of the Lebanese Ministry of culture.
  • She is a member of the Syndicate of Lebanese artists. Her more recent works consider the relationship between cities and humans. Cities are a product of continuous interaction between individuals and the physical environment. Cities define us, shape our outlook, our lifestyle. Through figurative, expressionist, and abstract forms, she uses various mediums and vibrant colors to combine cityscape, figures, and still life.

Artist Statement

I have been interested in art my entire life. I began painting since I was young. To me it is a language, an expression, interpretation and response to the world around us.

My recent work explores the city-human relationship. How cities can modify our everyday life, our lifestyle and our behavior. We are all parts of our cities, we identify with it. We became part of it and we contribute to its identity. My inspirations are first and foremost everything I see, I live and experience. I capture the beauty all around us, I look out the window to seek the color, the different blues in the sky, the greens in the trees, the red, the yellow in the streets.

In my work I use bright and vibrant colors to revoke emotional feelings. Through my figurative paintings I try to depict the interaction between the inner and the outer world.

I am in constant need of exploration for colors, mediums and composition to finish a work of art. I am diverse in my selection of materials and techniques, giving myself opportunities to create something that will generate a feeling inside viewers. However, I am most attracted to acrylic and oil pastel. Every artwork is built from multiple layers of acrylics and pastels with the goal of creating an interplay of textures, reflectivity and colors. Sometimes I make collages and then paint on top of them on canvas or wood support.

My paintings are a depiction of my inner soul and feelings. I strongly believe in allowing my creative passion, imagination to be expressed in my work. The artists I have been most influenced by, are Henry Matisse and Van Gogh.

I am currently a featured artist at Art on 56th gallery. My artwork has been lately exhibited at Salon d'Automne Paris and Metropolitan museum of Art Tokyo, as well as various online platforms , artscoops, emergeast, artmo, art beirut and Maru Art Center Seoul Korea.



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Beirut, Lebanon

+961 3 076 740 | [email protected]

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